sábado, 20 de octubre de 2007

Matanza de focas en Canadá (campaña)

Unos miembros de Canadian Wildlife Issues están siendo sometidos a juicio por mostrar fotos de la matanza de focas que el gobierno canadiense permite por simple dinero.

Según Rebecca Aldworth, directora de ese grupo: The incident in question happened on March 26, 2006. My team of observers and I filmed sealers as they killed helpless baby seals, documenting apparent violations of hunt regulations. Without warning, officers from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) stopped us and accused us of being slightly within the 10-meter distance from seal hunters required by our observation permits. We were not, and we have the evidence to prove it.

Some of our footage was seized, and we were denied observation permits for the rest of the 2006 hunt. Today, we must appear in a courtroom in a sealing community in the Magdalene Islands to defend ourselves

These trumped-up charges are part of the government’s concerted campaign to block observation of the hunt. Just months ago, the DFO proposed to double the distance observers must remain from seal hunters, making documenting cruelty violations even more difficult. In marked contrast, seal hunters have threatened and assaulted observers on the ice floes -- even going so far as to throw rocks at our helicopter blades while we were in the air and threatening the safety of every person on that helicopter -- and received not even a reprimand.

Si el gobierno de Canadá estuviera tan seguro de que está haciendo lo correcto, ¿por que le preocupan las fotos y los videos? Simplemente porque lo que hace es una crueldad que no tiene nombre ni explicación. Matar cachorritos de foca solo para hacer abrigos para que viejas estupidas los usen para lucirse ante una sociedad hedonista y consumista no tiene sentido.

Es necesario que esta matanza absurda acabe.

Por eso, hay que mandar un mensaje al Primer Ministrod de Canadá: Tell Canada what you think of its attempt to draw a curtain around the cruelty of the commercial seal hunt: Contact Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper today.

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